Eye Opening Explorations

This Maggie Maggio video is the first of several exciting sessions I taped during my Oregon vacation. It was an education to sit next to Maggie as she explored “sculptural color” and the next variations in split rings.

She was undeterred by failures and dead ends. The results have great possibility. The versatility and strength of her pieces is phenomenal. The bracelet I brought home takes daily abuse with no ill effects. Maggie allowed me to show the “slinky” bracelet on Polymer Clay Daily but the Ndebele-inspired necklace video we saved just for you.



  • Roberta Warshaw ,

    I read your blog every single day! I have learned more from your blog than possibly anywhere else!


    • Daphne Seaman ,

      Your generosity of spirit is very evident everyday when I read your blog. You are such an encourager, and I truly love your way with words.

      • marji ,

        Love the it-takes-two-to-put-it-on necklace 🙂

        • Priscilla ,

          Thanks for your generosity (as always) in sharing these freebies with us

          • Laurie ,

            Read your website first thing everyday and am sorry I didn’t know about Studio Mojo (how did I miss it) your website is the one thing I can count on for giving me a little “kick” when I’m in a rut to try something new. Thank you for sharing this!

            • Julia Sikorskaya ,

              Your blog is such an inspiration, every day! It really is interesting and clever. Most of what I know about polymer I’ve learnt here. Thank you and Merry Christmas! 🙂

              • ~JL ,

                Your site has come so far!
                One of my most favorite sites to visit
                Thank Y❤U!

                • Deborah Raita ,

                  Thanks for sharing these videos with non-subscribers. I learn so much from PCD and it was inspirational to watch Maggio Maggio. Happy Holidays!

                  • Judy Meacham ,

                    How generous you are – in today’s climate anyone sharing anything for free is so welcomed and really shows the true spirit of Christmas.

                    • Barbara Briggs ,

                      If I live to be one hundred, I will never have enough time to do and see all that is interesting to me in art, but I’m so happy to have Polymer Clay Daily posts show up in my email! When one works in isolation, it’s lovely to know others are equally enthusiastic about the medium and to see what they are doing with it. Thank you, Cynthia, for all the time and energy you put forth to bring so much information to us.

                      • Barb ,

                        I took a workshop from the divine Miss MM in June and as an added little project we made the slinky bracelet. What a brilliant mind she has! I am excited because I have a 6-day retreat booked with her in 2012 that I expect will rock my polymer world!

                        Thanks Cynthia – I love Studio Mojo!

                        • Diane Bever ,

                          Thanks, Cynthia for this freebie. Maggie’s necklace (and bracelet ) is amazing and very beautiful! I never miss Polymer Clay daily.
                          Thanks again and Merry Christmas!


                          • Pamela Jensen ,

                            I love how far Maggie pushes the boundaries of what most of us think of as “jewelry” in polymer clay. Her Ndebele inspired work in amazing.

                            • Chris ,

                              Thanks for the free preview!

                              • Brenda ,

                                Love the free Mojo videos

                                • Carolann Blanco ,

                                  This is such a gift to someone just starting out in polymer clay…it is like your own personal creative coach urging you to explore even more.

                                  • Ellen ,

                                    Cynthia: thanks for all you do to stimulate our art and “mojo.” Polymer Clay Daily is my non-caloric treat at the end of the day:Now there is more to look forward to. You also push me into the technical world: who knew of Vimeo????

                                    • Kit Lockwood ,

                                      How I have always wanted to take a workshop with Maggie. I could use some friendly color theory exploration guidance. Was familiar with most of those products you mentioned, but not all of them! Thanks!

                                      • Lenora Kandiner ,

                                        The necklace looks great – I hope it doesn’t always take 2 to put it on. I already had experimented with smaller versions of slinky after seeing the post on PCD. Now my head is spinning on how to do bigger ones as part of the chandelier project.

                                        • Perrie Layton ,

                                          I consider myself extremely fortunate for having the opportunity to spend an afternoon with Maggie. Not only did I learn a great deal, working with Maggie for that couple of hours helped me learn to trust my instincts and to create colors that work for me. I am no longer limited by a manufacturer’s choice of “popular” colors. Best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to polymer clayers everywhere.

                                          • Marcia Morton ,

                                            Very interesting video – I’d seen photos of the ‘slinky’ bracelet, but never seen it in action before.

                                            • Freda ,

                                              Maggie is a master in teaching color. Love her book!

                                              • Kit Lockwood ,

                                                I had no idea, by the way, that polymer could be so durable when so thin and long like in Maggie’s necklace and bracelet! I would be afraid to make something like that and expect it to last. I need to have more confidence, clearly. Need to get back in there and stretch my imagination a little more.

                                                • craftylinda ,

                                                  I love this site and really liked the tip from Leslie Blackford about freezing her morels. I made some earrings and a necklace, that I did by hand. I think they turned out good but I might try the freezing idea next spring when season is in. Thanks

                                                  • Arlene Schiek ,

                                                    You do such an incredible job of keeping the polymer community connected to one another. I wish I could attend more workshops ( my first introduction to MM’s work was at Ravensdale in 2003! and I am still so impressed with the way she handles color) In lieu of actual ‘conventions’ having Polymer Clay Daily and now Studio Mojo is a wonderful substitute.
                                                    Thank you and good luck with this newest venture.

                                                    • LouiseT ,

                                                      Merry Christmas Cynthia !!! Thanks for the freebi StudioMojo… I think it’s grand.

                                                      • Lisa Heller ,

                                                        My morning ritual feels incomplete when I have to dash off without visiting your site. Please don’t ever stop. It inspires and encourages and at times leaves me awestruck.

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                                                        © StudioMojo by Cynthia Tinapple