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StudioMojo has opened my world to some exciting and very human role models in this field. It is like a workshop each week!

Ann Shea-Smith


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circle_headHi I’m Cynthia Tinapple. I would like to help you move forward with your art.

Sometimes all we need is a dose, a spark, a reminder, a new perspective. There’s no reason to hold back any longer. I hope you’ll join the 200+ other artists like you who count on their weekend newsletter full of news and inspiration.


It has proven time and time again to be a needed inspiration.


Thank you Cynthia

Cynthia inspires me each day, keeping me in touch with what is happening globally — and what a great way to expand that inspiration — A weekend missive from her!  I signed up immediately!

Look forward to getting it every Saturday

I peruse it and spend more time on polymer clay than I usually would on a Saturday because of it.


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