The Heart of the Matter

This warm conversation with Colorado’s Tejae Floyde brings us back to the heart of the matter. Tejae smiles broadly as she talks about using polymer for memory and giving and shared secrets. Her own heart shines through her art.


  • Anke ,

    Thank oyu for this article! I really enjoyed to listen to Tejae. I admire her work and it is great to know a bit more about someone else, who is working not only with polymer clay, but many materials! I never know how she came to work with hearts…;-))

    • Susan ,

      I love to hear how artists fit their lives together – their art, their families, their day jobs and how they started working in a specific style. Tejae’s hearts are fascinating to me, and I particularly like her idea of memorial hearts. Thank you for sharing this interview!

      • Leisanne Sylvester-Jarvis ,

        It is so inspiring! I am amazed.

        • Marlene Brady ,

          I love learning about other artists. I always learn something, become inspired and feel connected. -Marlene

          • ilese levitt ,

            I really enjoy learning how other artists work and find inspiration. Living in a very remote area, PCD is often like a life line and StudioMojo is a little bit of Christmas with its in-depth look at an aspect of our art.

            • tina gugeler ,

              Very inspiring article!

              • Barb Harper ,

                I love Tejae!

                • Kit Lockwood ,

                  What heart! And what art! It was a real pleasure to learn about this artist. Thank you.

                  • Marcia Palmer ,

                    Love Tejae’s the inspiring story. I took her Encased heart class online a couple of years ago. Great teacher! Thanks Tejae.

                    • Jan Manning ,

                      Living in Mexico, I miss a lot, especially the availablility of new products, etc. so it is really great there is so much on the ‘net. Thank you, everyone, for all your contributions.

                      • Celia ,

                        It’s wonderful to see artists here from my home state. Makes me feel like I might actually be able to meet and/or take a class from Tejae one day. Inspiring interview!

                        • L Dean Carter ,

                          Enjoyed reading the article. I appreciate all you the wonderful things you offer to the polymer clay world. Thanks !

                          • Deborah ,

                            Thank you for sharing this technique!

                            • Stacy ,

                              What a wonderful perspective and inspirational commentary on art and failure. Too often we are only concerned with success, which ironically stifles creativity and ‘mojo’!

                              • Karen Day ,

                                Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful artists with us. We see their work so much but a lot of times never get to actually see the artist who created these beautiful works of art. Thank you for making it possible to “meet” the artist and find a little bit of what inspires them and how they got started in polymer clay. You have given us a window into the soul of many amazing people. Thank you for this site and for PCD.

                                • Sharon Walsh ,

                                  Thanks for the freebies..keep up the good work.

                                  • Kristi Bodin ,

                                    Inspiration just when we need it! Thanks!

                                    • Bee Briscoe ,

                                      Thank you for the free sample. I just can’t get enough polymer inspiration.

                                      • Kay Olson ,

                                        Polymer Clay Daily is one of my favorite e-mail experiences. Getting to see all the talent from the Artisans from around the globe. Thanks Cynthis for all you do for our Art.

                                        • Freda ,

                                          Polymer Clay Daily is so inspiring with all different artists that MoJo has to be even better.

                                          • Valerie Ashley ,

                                            Loved listening to Tejae.

                                            • Pamela Jensen ,

                                              I love Tejae’s hearts. Thank you for sharing this technique.

                                              • Elisabeth ,

                                                I love the earring wire jig!

                                                • Mary Haessig ,

                                                  Thank you! This morning I enjoyed videos of Jana Roberts Benzon, Tejae Floyde, Maggie Maggio, Kaffe Fasset and more! An inspiring start to my day.

                                                  • kristi link ,

                                                    The acceptance of ‘failing’ has become a daily realization. I approach each day of creating something I like in polymer clay with no opinion, but secretly hope the muse is willing on certain days, to appear, assist and/or lead the way. If it happens, great. If it doesn’t, I’ve become an expert at ‘letting go’ which has become valuable in everyday life.
                                                    thank you.

                                                    • Martha ,

                                                      Sorry I was unable to watch the videos, but this earring jig was a revelation. Thanks for posting.

                                                      • Janie ,

                                                        Love the earring jig! Thanks for sharing that. I also love Tejae’s work, as well as the others here. Somehow I missed this StudioMojo section…looks like a great thing!

                                                        • Susan Donovan ,

                                                          A visit to PCD is one of the first things I do every morning. Cynthia, thank you for the daily dose of inspiration!

                                                          • becky ,

                                                            What a great way to make earrings quickly. Ingenious!

                                                            • Julie ,

                                                              Merry Ho Ho Ho to StudioMojo!

                                                              • Susan Nicklin ,

                                                                I liked the tip..why success always starts with failure. While making art with my 6 year-old grand daughter on Tuesday, she quoted Ms. Frizzle to me saying “get messy, make mistakes and have fun!”

                                                                • Janine K. ,

                                                                  Thanks for Polymer Clay Daily for promoting your site.
                                                                  Without this, I never found it 😉
                                                                  Merry X-Mas from Germany

                                                                  • Karen Green ,

                                                                    Very inspirational. What talent Tejae has and how kind of her to share some of her thoughts and feelings with us. And, thank you Cynthia ,for the free look at StudioMojo.

                                                                    • Gail Whitehead ,

                                                                      Hi! This was an interesting interview. Great idea!Thanks for the website,also.Merry Christmas!

                                                                      • Beatrice Johnson ,

                                                                        I’m overwhelmed with Tyaes talent and inspiring attitude. Thank you for PCD. Beatrice J.

                                                                        • Kathy Greidanus ,

                                                                          It’s so inspiring to see how other artists use this amazing medium. Thanks for sharing, Cynthia!

                                                                          • Kimberly Arden ,

                                                                            We have a purchased jig that we use to make our earwires. And it’s Easy Peasy as your girls say. Now that I’ve seen these images, I am all set for coming up with new shapes for earwire that I can easily make myself. Thanks for yet another ‘Oh Wow’ moment.

                                                                            • JeannieK ,

                                                                              Truly inspired! Happy Holidays

                                                                              • Bonnie Kreger ,

                                                                                I’m looking forward to reading all the wonderful articles and learning what other artists are doing, it’s really inspirational.

                                                                                • Tammie Everly ,

                                                                                  Ive been crafty all my life. I discovered polymer clay about a year ago & am constantly amazed & inspired by its possibilities & potential. Reading PCD and seeing what others have done in this medium is so inspiring. I’ve had some of the coolest “mistakes” while trying new techniques.

                                                                                  • Kay Sorensen ,

                                                                                    Polymer clay artists are the most creative and so willing to share.
                                                                                    I LOVE this idea.

                                                                                    • Carol Dotin ,

                                                                                      Thanks for the great inspiration–I am addicted!

                                                                                      • CynthiaToo ,

                                                                                        Freedom to fail, free to excel! My triumph will be achieved with that one perfect “book piece.” But perhaps tomorrow it will have flaws to me. So, are all other expressions of my art before and since failures? I Think not! The failures are showing me my growth in my art. Thank you, PCD, for travelling with me and providing windows to look into my ultimate polymer successes. My New Year’s resolution? To follow what I already know – to function from my center of confidence, in my art and my life. Happy New Year to all.

                                                                                        • Andrea ,

                                                                                          When I am on websites searching for new inspriation or let´s say, new techniques and ideas…I always find something great like this and I am so happy that this area around polymer clay is still so live and new staff is still coming :)).. Thank you

                                                                                          • Myra ,

                                                                                            Thank you for all of the inspiration you have shared with the rest of us through your sites!

                                                                                            • Cy ,

                                                                                              What a great post. Inspirational, in fact I have some ideas already for developing this to take it further.

                                                                                              • Julia ,

                                                                                                Found this through Polymer Clay Daily, which is my favorite site and always keeps me inspired. Thank you. I love hearing from polymer artists about their work and inspiration.

                                                                                                • Jill Palumbo ,

                                                                                                  Tejae, your own precious heart shines through on this video.

                                                                                                  • Sherrie Brittig ,

                                                                                                    I loved seeing Rachel Curren’s work showcased in Ornament. I also love the earring jig–never thought to make my own out of polymer! What a great resource!

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                                                                                                    © StudioMojo by Cynthia Tinapple