The Polymer Clay Community in Spain

In this 3-minute video with Madrid’s Natalia Garcia de Leaniz she talks about Spain’s young and growing guild which she helped found. She touches briefly on her approach to polymer and how she feels compelled to express her happiness through color. Natalia’s had significant health challenges which have contributed to a remarkable resolve to communicate her joy.

If you look closely during the video and on Natalia’s Flickr site you can see some of the texturing she has developed using rough air filter foam materials and other special techniques.

She has a down-and-dirty way with mokume gane that uses just a few thin layers of color impressed with two tools. Her vibrant colors are the real trick.


  • Nancy Crane ,

    I think Natalia has a real gift for combining colors and shapes. It must be wonderful to have a circle of other polymer clay artists to collaborate with. I live in a rather rural area and there aren’t many other people working with the medium in my area.

    • tina gugeler ,

      I like the corn tut!

      • Iris Mishly ,

        Natalia is a dearest! she is so funny and generous 🙂

        Cynthia, you’re a “real pro” bringing all these interesting materials, especially for us, geographical challenged!
        thank you!

        • Trina Williams ,

          I met Natalia and Daniel at Ravensdale in 2006 and it was fun to see how they quickly embraced the camraderie of the event. Their work has blossomed in the years since and it looks like Natalia started her guild right after that.

          • Ellen ,

            What a wonderful view of polymer!

            • marellyn ,

              you always inspire me with your tributes from around the world….. as do the artists you are featuring. thank you Ms tinapple.

              • Deborah ,

                This is my first time at studiomojo and what a delightful little journey I just took, exploring the possibilities, meeting some of the people behind the beautiful work. It is a new beginning for me on my polymer path. Thank you, Cynthia.

                • mary fassler ,

                  Natalia is a sweetheart and a talented,creative artist!

                  • PATTIE SCHLESNER ,

                    Thank you Cynthia. it was wonderful to have the opportunity to get inspired by this video.

                    • Pamela Jensen ,

                      What interesting videos. I love the headshot of Debra DeWolff! I think it is awesome! Thank you so much for the sneak peek at StudioMojo. I really enjoyed it.

                      • Susan Rimmer ,

                        I had no idea there was so much in StudioMojo!

                        • Karen Woods ,

                          After visiting Spain this summer I understand even more Natalia’s passion for color and her Mojo! What a stimulating country to make art in!! Thank you for the opportunity to see a preview interview!

                          • Heather ,

                            Love Debra’s unique head shot- Very creative! This looks like a really interesting site – I will be back

                            • Ginny Ford ,

                              It’s exciting to hear how the guild in Spain is attracting so many young people. There is no one under 30 in the guild to which I belong.

                              • Freda ,

                                How interesting to see what other artists are doing and feeling. thanks!

                                • becky ,

                                  It is exciting to see all the people share their behind the scene life.

                                  • Kit Lockwood ,

                                    Perhaps it’s not, but it seems remarkable how much one guild has grown. It’s difficult for a single guild to maintain that kind of active membership. But her energy and enthusiasm certainly radiates and I’m sure is contagious in person. She seems delightful. Would have loved to see her interacting with her husband in an interview.

                                    © StudioMojo by Cynthia Tinapple
                                    © StudioMojo by Cynthia Tinapple