Facing What’s Next With Your Art

You may identify with New Mexico polymer artist Barb Fajardo as she talks about facing what’s next with her art. While the prospect of travel and teaching offer exciting possibilities, those changes also include some fear and sadness.

If you’ve watched your nest empty and your studio grow, you’ll understand the sometimes conflicting feelings that change brings with it.


  • Kit Lockwood ,

    Fascinating, isn’t it, how we (or I, anyway) can look at someone’s art, like Barb’s and get this idea of what a person is like… I would have thought she’d be the kind of person who would be totally out there, boldly in the center. Tee hee. She’s more like me.

    • Cynthia Tinapple ,

      Kit – Yes, each artist has shared her vulnerabilities which is helpful to all of us….we’re more similar than we think.

    • Carole Compelled Craft ,

      This came to me at the PERFECT time!!
      I feel the same way Barb feels.
      I have just taken the first step to really pursue my art.
      Thanks to my VERY supportive husband I’m able to do this.
      Right now I’m in the sponge mode absorbing sooo much great information.
      Your work and articles have been a great resource and inspiration.

      I’m working my way through several books right now.
      As a matter of fact I’m JUST finishing your tutorial from
      Polymer clay masters class.
      I was too chicken to use a drill so i made a bracelet instead.
      check out my facebook page Compelled craft for the pics.
      I am also really trying to live by the method of finding my own voice and NOT copying anyone else.

      I had my first idea published in Polymer Cafe’ April 2012
      Bambooya beads.
      And my second tutorial for Polymer Cafe’ will be published soon.
      I fear my ideas are almost too Unique on Etsy my polymer pieces do not look like anyone elses???!
      I fear my niche I’m in is too narrow or too dark for anyone to see me.
      Do you have any words of advise as to my designs?

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      © StudioMojo by Cynthia Tinapple